Future Proofing Your Child

In a busy, fast paced, changing world where change is the  only constant and knowledge is easily accessible, the concern
bubbling up is how to ensure your child is truly prepared for the real world. The 21st century skills are very different skills from when we were at school. Many are just common sense, however this is not so common.

In this presentation, Karen will explore some of the key behaviours and dispositions needed to be successful in the modern world. These include knowing how to question and problem solve, think flexibly, manage oneself, listen with understanding & empathy, and create and innovate – just to name a few. You will also hear about the future jobs predicted and ways you can support your child at school and home to ensure they are prepared for an ever changing world.

Be ready for an interactive evening full of great information, laughs and some aha moments…


Preparing your Child for Secondary School (90 mins)

The leap from Primary and Intermediate School to Secondary can be a challenge if you are not prepared. The shift from homework to study can be confusing if not explained. Studying and passing exams is simple, when you are using the right techniques. Find out simple yet effective ways you can support your child to set up an effective study environment and study with easy to use strategies that work.

Here’s what you will learn…

  • the seven keys to memory, as exams are first and foremost memory tests
  • understand how to retain new information at up to 90% recall
  • learn how to structure study time for maximum effect
  • which music makes a difference when learning
  • key essentials when setting up a study environment

Helping Your Child At HomeScreen Shot 2014-08-01 at 11.10.18 am

Homework and study is suppose to get your child ahead in life – not make you, the parent stressed. This short seminar will give you simple and effective ways to support your students at home with homework and study. You’ll also learn valuable information for yourself.

  • Learn how to increase your child’s
  • motivation to complete homework
  • Explore time management techniques
  • Understand how much help to give and how to make learning fun
  • Hear ideas to keep your child on task and focused
  • Understand how music makes a difference when learning • plus much more


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