Karen loves helping people succeed, no matter what field they are in. She provides practical solutions to work, home and life challenges through intelligent behaviour, mindfulness, learning and life skills.

Developing Intelligent Behaviours of Successful Entrepreneurs

Being successful comes down to our actions. 
Dr Art Costa has identified 16 ‘Habits of
Mind’ (Intelligent Behaviours) that are the characteristics of successful people, especially entrepreneurs. During this practical introduction you will: Discover all 16 Habits of Mind’. Learn the critical factors to developing your own successful habits. Practice thinking tools for problem solving in everyday life and business. These are essential tools to set you on the pathway to success and innovation.

Developing Smart Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills For Success

One of the distinguishing characteristics of humans is our inclination and ability to find problems to solve. Effective problem solvers know how to ask questions to fill the gaps between what they know and don’t know. Effective questioners are inclined to ask a range of questions, look for alternative points of view, are great listeners and are willing to take responsible risks when making decisions. In this practical interactive workshop you will explore strategies that will enhance your problem solving and decision making process.

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