Below is a summary of some of the most popular workshops that Karen presents to teachers. As she learns and researches more, topics change and develop regularly. Please call us to discuss your PD focus and how Karen can assist.

Modern Learning Environments – embedding a philosophy of success ***NEW***

MLE’s are so much more than the bright new furniture and the technology. What makes an MLE work, and in fact ANY successful classroom is the relationship between the teacher and student and the underlying ethos of learning to learn. This presentation will cover some of the key elements of embedding a successful philosophy behind the shiny new furniture and computers. Topics covered include; Exploring your underlying philosophy of learning, creating a safe environment for learning, redefining mistakes and failure, a framework for teaching ownership and understanding the learning process. Karen will also outline the key essentials for developing self-directed learners.

Teaching with Thinking Dispositions    *** MOST POPULAR***

The world is changing and it is not going to go back! Are you preparing your students for your past or their future? If you are simply teaching content, a machine will fast replace you. 21st Century education is far more than the content. It is about preparing students for an ever-changing world. In this presentation, Karen will unpack the fundamentals of true learning and growth. You will look at strategies for those learned helpless students, the perfectionists and the non-engaged. Karen will introduce you to teaching through the dispositional lenses. Packed with practical examples you can use the next day in the classroom, Karen will challenge you to make simple and subtle changes that will have a lasting impact on student success.

Developing the Habits of Mind in Primary & Secondary Schools

Turn the theory of Habits of Mind into a reality in the
 classroom and beyond. In this workshop, teachers will
 progress step by step through implementing the Habits
of Mind from foundation to habituation. Steps include an
 introduction to Habits of Mind, how to recognise, appreciate
and activate the Habits within yourself and your students.
 Practical strategies and examples of assessment tools
including rubrics, curriculum infusion templates and student
work will be shared. Teachers will leave this session with an
 overall understanding of how to implement the Habits with staff, students and community.

The Psychology of Learning (or how the brain learns and remembers)

Just because you taught the information, does not mean your students have learned it. Understanding the learning process is key to being an effective teacher. In this session you will explore effective classroom environments, student engagement strategies, the many ways the brain learns and remembers and how bridge the gap between teaching and learning.

Developing Independent Learners & Thinkers

There are 6 important considerations for teaching in the 21st Century. They are 1. Resist the temptation to “tell” 2. Stop teaching decontextualised content 3. Stop giving students the final product of our thinking 4. Make a shift in our thinking – problems first, teaching second 5. Progressively withdraw from helping students 6. Re-evaluate evaluation This workshop will cover the above six areas and relate them to developing your students as thinkers.

Enhancing Thoughtful Classroom Dialogue

The language of thinking is central to enhancing thoughtful dialogue. You’ll hear and experience why the power of wait time and the listening sequence are necessary skills for both teachers and students. Also learn the affect of, unproductive, productive and universal questioning.

What’s happened to creativity—Are you actually making a difference?

In this fast-changing world, the need for a change of focus within education is paramount. Previously Multiple Intelligences have been
 a buzz word in schools, however this focus has not taken into account
 creativity, innovation and flexibility and how important these are for the future of our planet. In this presentation, we look at the role of creativity and why it is so important. We will see why and how your creative abilities may lessen as you get older and look at strategies to develop your creative talents. Then we will focus within the classroom – and how teachers can prepare students for the 21st Century with the sort after skills in companies and organisations of creativity.

Using Structures and Strategies for True Engagement

Learn simple yet effective structures and strategies that mean you can facilitate learning and discussion, rather than leading it and being the central focus. You will learn how to ground students in the here and now, fun and educational ways to put students into groups, ways to allow students to take the lead in the discussion and idea generation and great ways to engage learners. A fun and fast paced workshop.

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