10 Study Techniques for Easier Recall

Published on Thursday, February 15th, 2024

Make Your Studying FUN! There are various methods to engage in learning and acquire new knowledge. Adhering strictly to the conventional techniques required by tests or assignments is unnecessary. For instance, when writing an essay, it is not solely about studying from books. You can enhance your approach by watching videos, listening to podcasts or […]

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Back To School

Published on Monday, January 29th, 2024

Establishing Connections, Building Culture and Cultivating Relationships The beginning of the school year holds special significance for both educators and students. The arrival of a new class brings about feelings of excitement, anticipation and fresh starts. It is essential to take the time to understand your students on both an academic and personal level, as […]

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Understanding Success

Published on Friday, December 8th, 2023

Speaker and author Peggy Klaus’ book BRAG! – The Art of Tooting Your Horn Without Blowing It, really appeals to me. She teaches how to achieve self-promotion and networking with grace and impact. Living down under in New Zealand, we have an unusual phenomenon here called the Tall Poppy Syndrome. It comes from a belief […]

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Listening with Understanding and Empathy

Published on Friday, November 24th, 2023

Practical Ways to Build this Habit in the Classroom Listening with understanding and empathy is a crucial skill that not only enhances personal relationships but also plays a significant role in academic and professional lives. The Habit of Mind of Listening with Understanding and Empathy, as identified by Prof Art Costa and Dr Bena Kallick, […]

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Transitioning to Secondary School

Published on Friday, November 10th, 2023

It can be an exciting and challenging time moving up in the school system from primary or intermediate school to secondary school. You are moving from being the big fish in a small pond to the exact opposite. It can be really daunting for some. Below are 10 key ideas and strategies to help make […]

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Impact Teaching

Published on Saturday, July 22nd, 2023

There is a difference between teaching and learning. Just because you teach something does not mean learning has occurred. Most teachers have the desire to ensure students learn and grow from them. How you structure a lesson can support the goal of causing learning, resulting in more impactful teaching. Here are six steps to creating […]

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I Made Flashcards – Now What?

Published on Thursday, June 22nd, 2023

Learning with flashcards can be an effective strategy to memorise and review information. There is nothing new to making flashcards for learning. They are great for anything you need quick recall of or for factual information. The challenge is that many students make the cards and then need help figuring out what to do with […]

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Find Humour

Published on Monday, May 22nd, 2023

The Habit of Mind known as, “Finding Humour,” may seem light-hearted but its importance in learning and problem-solving cannot be underestimated. Finding humour in challenging situations or complex problems can significantly enhance one’s ability to learn and solve those problems effectively. Here are six reasons this habit is essential for becoming a great learner and […]

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The New ‘F’ Word

Published on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023

You’ve heard it. Students are bound to have used this word before you without batting an eyelid or breaking into a sweat. It’s becoming part of everyday language for many and hampering their success. You’ve heard it. The new F word: eFFort! Effort is one of the key ingredients in achieving success in any endeavour, […]

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Practical Ways to Learn a New Language

Published on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

If you want to learn a new language, it will require your time and attention. Often, the main obstacle to overcome is a lack of confidence. However, just like when you learned to walk, read, or speak in your primary language, you took a chance, made errors, and kept going. The same applies to acquiring […]

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