How Secondary Schools often work with Karen

There are many ways in which to have Karen come to your school and work with your teachers, students and parents. Outlined below are some of the ways that Karen builds capacity, provokes thinking and maximises the potential in your staffroom and classrooms while working closely with your goals as a leader.

One Off Staff Meetings 

Not the most effective way to make change – however if you are just looking at wanting to up skill with content Karen can present a 1 hour to 2 day staff meeting/training session.

Series of Staff Meetings

Perhaps once a term have Karen come and add more value each time with ideas and strategies teachers can use straight away in their classrooms.

Follow up sessions

These can be via webinar or Skype are are best with faculties or year levels. These may be 30 mins – 1 hour termly or 2 twice a term. Sometimes these sessions are also used for 1-1 coaching.

1-1 Coaching Sessions

Teachers have an option to invite Karen into their classroom and she will watch them teach and give detailed feedback on the prearranged goals and strategies.  Karen can either demonstrate alternative methods with the class or give the teacher the feedback to do it again and practice the skills with the friendly, positive support of Karen in the room.

Study Skills Day

If you are looking to give your students the edge for their study and exams Karen will work with groups of 60 -100 students for an hour, half a day or 2 days. Typically she teachers 5-6 one hour classes a day, conducts a staff meeting after school and parent evening at night.

For more information or to talk about possibilities, please email the Spectrum Office or call us on +64 4 5289 969


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