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Listening with Understanding and Empathy

Published on Friday, November 24th, 2023

Practical Ways to Build this Habit in the Classroom Listening with understanding and empathy is a crucial skill that not only enhances personal relationships but also plays a significant role in academic and professional lives. The Habit of Mind of Listening with Understanding and Empathy, as identified by Prof Art Costa and Dr Bena Kallick, […]

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Find Humour

Published on Monday, May 22nd, 2023

The Habit of Mind known as, “Finding Humour,” may seem light-hearted but its importance in learning and problem-solving cannot be underestimated. Finding humour in challenging situations or complex problems can significantly enhance one’s ability to learn and solve those problems effectively. Here are six reasons this habit is essential for becoming a great learner and […]

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Bolder Leadership

Published on Tuesday, February 21st, 2023

6 Key Elements to Effective Leadership Effective leadership is not only essential for the success of any organisation, it is also critical for the development of its members. As a school principal, your primary responsibility is to create an environment that fosters your students’ academic, social, and emotional growth. To do this, you must lead […]

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Making Connections by Accessing Past Knowledge

Published on Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

Making Connections by Accessing Past Knowledge

The human brain is a pattern maker. It is constantly searching for similarities and differences to keep you safe and to seek possibilities for creativity and innovation. It is helpful, when problem-solving, to be able to think back to the past and recall a similar situation and what you can use or adapt from that […]

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Learning to Manage the Impulses

Published on Monday, July 5th, 2021

Picture this. It is a stunning day with wall to wall sunshine and I’m at a resort on the coast of Australia. To escape the heat, I decided to go for a bushwalk. I briskly follow the undulating and winding path as I took in the scenery and listened to the bird calls. As I […]

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Gathering Data through All Our Senses

Published on Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

“The senses, being the explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge.” Maria Montessori A necessary disposition for students to develop is to gather information through the senses. The senses collect information about the world and send it to the brain, and the brain uses this information to make sense of the world. Sensory […]

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Language is the key to great thinking

Published on Friday, February 12th, 2021

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” Lao Tzu I love questions that send my thinking in circles. One such dilemma is the question: Which happens first […]

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Self-Directed Learning

Published on Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

There is growing talk in education circles about empowering students to be self-directed in their learning. Whilst there is much talk, the actual implementation of this takes years of scaffolding and planning, as well as a true understanding and change in the role of the teacher within the learning environment. This, of course, is an […]

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Taking Responsible Risks – a key to new learning

Published on Monday, October 12th, 2020

Being able to take a risk is central to being able to be a learner in a classroom. Learning requires students to move from their comfort zone, the known, into the growth zone or the unknown. Yet for many this can be a scary prospect. In their extensive research, Prof. Art Costa and Dr Bena […]

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Metacognition – thinking about your thinking

Published on Sunday, July 19th, 2020

Being aware of your own thoughts, strategies, feelings and actions and their effects on others is what metacognition is about. It’s about knowing what you know and don’t know. The ability to take the balcony view, to look down upon yourself and reflect on your behaviour, ask internal questions and develop mental maps and plans […]

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