An open letter to my daughter’s teacher

Most teachers only have a class for 1 or maybe 2 years. Our daughter has had the same teacher for 7 years and today was her farewell. I do not recall the last time I was in a room so filled with so much Aroha and respect…

The words thank you will never be enough…Gratitude

You have been an integral part of our daughters and family’s life for the past 7 years and I’m not sure that the English language was words to describe our gratitude and appreciation.

We chose the school because we wanted our children to have a holistic education. We stayed because of you. You embody what a great teacher is  – someone who teaches through demonstration, through modelling and the heart and passion for children.

I certainly know that our daughter has not been easy at times. She has had many challenges, frustrations and upsets. You have stood beside her, encouraging, fostering, persuading, forgiving and loving. You have been a guiding light, a lighthouse, on firm ground that has been a constant for our treasure. You have held all the children’s hands and hearts so tenderly and watched them grow to the wonderful young teens they are today.

I recall the first parent meeting, 7 years ago. I am not sure who was more nervous you or us. We have watched you grow in confidence. You have been open, honest and willing to grow and learn – which has been a wonderful model for the children and a wonderful relief as a parent.

For all the camps, the trips, the walks, the parent interviews, the plays, the music, the art, the festivals, the stories and everything else have made this journey so special for us all. Thanks.

I cannot imagine what it feels like to be so close to a group of children for so long – to watch them grow, blossom and flourish and then let them go. These children will always be in your heart as you will be in theirs. You will never forget your first class and you have given these children an amazing educational start in life and again words are unable to portray my admiration and appreciation. This I know – you have made a difference.

As you start on your parenting journey, it will be full of ups and downs. At times you will wonder how you coped with 29 children as one small one seems too many. There will be thousands of memories and moments you will wish to capture and recall.  Make the most of these magical times – it all goes incredibly fast.


Rainbows and sunshine



Published on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015, under Parenting

Karen Tui Boyes is a champion for Life Long Learning across nations, industries and organisations. Winner of the NZ Educator of the Year 2017 and 2014 and the NZ Speaker of the Year award in 2013 & 2019, Karen is a sought after speaker who continually gets rave reviews from audiences around the world. Her dynamic style and highly informative content—which turns the latest educational research into easy-to-implement strategies and techniques — sets her apart from others in her field.

10 Responses to “An open letter to my daughter’s teacher”

  1. Debi ryan says:

    perfect expression of love and appreciation of the special teacher, at our special school. PRICELESS for everyone – the journey at our school, thanks for reminding me why we’re there, Debi x

  2. Karen Boyes says:

    Thanks Debi

  3. Suzanne says:

    She was the reason we stayed too.

  4. Umi abdul manaf says:

    Dear karen

    I would be so proud to receive such a letter from a parent. That is exactly how i felt towards my daughter’s teachers. I wouldnt hv been able to make my daughter to what she is today. If many parents have that kind of faith n understanding towards teachers and their school hope is not lost. A school will not be able to exist without the society n vice versa. If these two work hand in hand many challenges will be overcome!! All the best to your daughter and may she progresses well ahead.

    Rainbow n sunshine!!


  5. Serenah says:

    Thank you for that lovely letter you posted.I care for two grand daughters and I felt like copying the letter and giving it to the oldest grand daughters teacher or the Principal. It reminded me to give thanks to them “NOW” for the things they do to help her. This is a difficult year my grand daughter trying to fit into the college environment. She is just out of Intermediate, where her teachers were so wonderful, kind and forgiving. The cracks are showing now that she is in college and your letter has reminded me to show appreciation and how the teachers must be coping with her at school. Btw, she is 12 y/o and well behaved at home.

  6. Bill Potter says:

    Hi Karen :o)

    What a totally wonderful ‘open’ letter to a teacher you have written and published. We who are in the teaching, coaching, training, mentoring et al lives, would wish to live, perform and produce such as this special teacher has.

    The world is very short on ‘thank you’s’ and too long on criticisms, grumbles and complaints. To change the direction of but one young life, has so often determined the course of history. Maybe, your ‘baby’, could well do the same one day.

    Have a terrific Easter and a continuing spiffy 2015. That’s an order, OK? Ta.


    The Maverick

  7. Kanuka says:


    Having attended a school like this one, there is another benefit, albeit one that is revealed much later in life. Children learn to be human beings. They learn to think for themselves, stand strong and be confident (not arrogant) in their opinions (or is that 4 benefits?).

    I look forward to our paths crossing again…

    Love and light to you and yours,

  8. Vicki says:

    Hi Karen,
    I am one of those teachers who has had the privilege of walking with a group of students for a number of years. At the end of last year I said goodbye to a very special group of students who had walked with me for 4 years. I never became a teacher to only show children how to read and write, but to walk with them on the journey to becoming who they were intended to be. It was not a one-way street by any stretch of the imagination. They supported me when my father died, they celebrated my birthdays with me, and they rejoiced when I was able to share my bach with them. We have laughed, cried, struggled and celebrated together. They are forever in my heart in the same way that I am sure your daughter’s teacher holds her in her heart!

  9. Geralyn says:

    Hi Karen,

    I am a Year Two teacher at a private school. I have taught Kindergarten for four years at the same school. I have seven of my beautiful and gorgeous Kindy children again this year. It gives me great pleasure to be their teacher again this year – to watch them grow in their faith and learning. The greatest reward of a teacher is to see one of her under-achievers achieve at his/her own pace. I believe that my children are God’s gift to me, what I make of them is my gift to God. May God bless all those dedicated and devoted teachers who give their ALL to their kids.

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